Experience counts when it comes to handling complex Projects

Managing complex transportation and movement of oversized and heavy lift cargoes for large scale projects require experienced and knowledgeable personnel. These individuals must be committed to research, investigations and identifying all options and potential obstacles to these types of shipments.

At Fast Freight Forwarders Limited, our staff has surpassed the expectations of our clients by making well informed, quick and decisive actions when dealing with these complex projects.

Our Past Project accomplishments clearly demonstrates our potential.

Past Project

US$120 M Telecommunication

Full Logistics and Customs Clearance including Delivery to Cellular Sites.

Past Project

US$1.2B Plant Project

In Partnership with ABX Logistics we handled Freight Logistics for a major downstream gas company.

Past Project

US$50M Oil and Gas project

Handled full logistics for the movement of cargo from Italy to Trinidad.

Past Project

US$5M-40M Project

Downstream petrochemical project move.